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The Library Collection

The library has a growing collection of monographs and other library materials and currently there are more than 385,000 volumes of books within the whole system. Various Catalogue cabinets make it possible for the public to search the library's collection. The collection is divided into five main categories: Reference Library, Adult Library, Young People's Library, Childrens Library and Mobile Library. Each category contains materials appropriate to its readers.

    • Reference Section

      The Reference Section consist of four main collections namely the Bruneiana Collections, Southeast Asia/ASEAN Collections, the General Collections and the Multimedia Collections.

      The Bruneiana Collections is a collection of publications either published in or about Brunei with emphasis on culture, history, politics, economics, social customs, ethnology and other subject areas.

    • Adult

      Fiction, Non-Fiction, and Reference can be found here. Fiction consists of: Romance, Historical, Mysteries, Westerns, Large-Print, Science Fiction, and a extensive selection of paperbacks. Non-fiction has a wide variety of materials on subjects ranging from agriculture to zebra and anything in between.. An Internet access computer is available for use in 1/2 hour blocks of time, check with the Circulation Desk for more information about this service.

    • Young People

      The youth collection is primarily for readers between the age of age 13 to 21, although there are enough reading areas for the youth at the upper level, one can find information appropriate for their respective levels. Youth Library is divided into Fiction, Non-Fiction, Reference, Paperback browsing areas and the Text and Educational books. Soon the Young People Library will be provided with CD-ROM workstation to assist with homework assignments.

    • Children's

      The Children's Room is a fun place for children and their care takers to visit. The collection is arranged into reading, reference, study areas and activities rooms. Children's picture books, Parenting Collection, Easy-to-Read books, puzzles, audio tapes, kits and videos are all located in a relaxed atmosphere. Fiction and picture books are located in a sunny corner for quiet reading. The Non-Fiction and Reference arrangement makes it easy for library users to study. A CD-ROM workstation is also available for homework assistance, and learning fun.

    • Magazines

      The library subscribes to more than 200 titles of magazines and journals. Magazines are located in the General Reference area in second floor. Most recent issues will be displayed at the magazine shelf and the back issued are kept at the stack room.

    • Special Collections

      Library Science Collections
      The Health and Medical Collections

    • Facilities

      Library Gallery, Exhibition Hall, Theatre and Seminar/Conference Room

      The above areas and spaces may be reserved for various purposes, activities and programmes of a non-profit nature. For more information about the room and its use policy, contact the library 02-235501.

The Library Collection

The Library Collection

The Library Collection

The Library Collection